Mexican Rock Sensation Vadrok Explodes Back Onto Latin Music Scene With Single ‘Polvo de Angel’

Mexican Rock Sensation Vadrok Explodes Back Onto Latin Music Scene With New Single ‘Polvo de Angel’


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Shaded with an array of rock sub-genres, Vadrok returns with their newest paranormal track ‘Polvo de Angel’. A song that delves into tragic loss, death and the undercurrents of the world beyond the living.

The group rose to prominence after the release of their 2015 hit single ‘Cuentos de Hadas’, which played through radio stations in Mexico City, as well as featured on TV stations like MVS Television, Televisa Torreon and EXA TV.

In 2017, Vadrok then released their track ‘El Mismo Mundo’, which solidified the experimental rock tone in their music, mixing softer alternative sounds with heavier sub-genres like hard rock.

Their newest single, ‘Polvo de Angel’, artfully mastered by the multiple Grammy nominated Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins), continues their love of rock fusion, as they play with darker punk and hard rock sounds to highlight the inky, unearthly quality of their lyrics.

Vadrok uses a blend of metaphor and real life experience to connect with their audience. They feature universal themes within their music, such as love, friendship and death, through a medium of concept and motif; so that listeners can empathize with the rawness of their verses, yet ascribe their own stories to the music.

“We always talk about situations we have lived [on a] daily basis… [yet] we like that every single person [has] their own meaning for each of our songs.” Lead singer Miguel Velazquez says. “The message that we like to send [to] our audience … [is that] we feel what they are feeling, creating bonds… [with our music] and their thoughts.”

The Mexican rock band has also supported famous acts such as Jarabe de Palo, La Castañeda and La Lupita among others.

They have a singed, slightly darkened air reminiscent of Enjambre’s vintage-rock style, while their metaphoric concepts connote a Zoé-like versatility.

With so many accomplishments under their belt, Vadrok is smashing into summer with a multifaceted style and confidence, that is sure to spiral them into a Latin household name.

July 20, 2018 8:40pm ET by The Famous Company  

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