Bristol artists BexX + Lady Nade team up for 2020 busting "Genrefluid" collab


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“I call the style ‘Genre Non-Conforming’, or ‘Genrefluid’, as a parallel to Genderfluidity which is my main area of artistic focus and which represents the majority of my followers in my community’ - BexX.

In a year of unprecedented firsts, two Bristol singer-songwriters have come together for an exciting collaboration. A product of the global pandemic, social distancing and two lockdowns, ‘All That You Dream’ is a celebration of hope that better times lie ahead.

BexX defines their own sound as a theatrical mix of meaningful songwriting, classical & baroque-pop, electro-pop and world flavours, with a mission to challenge stereotypes and expectations, attempting to break down the boxes and limitations of society. Their lyrics, often quite personal, carry in them a little spark of all of us — exploring some of those universal feelings that help define what it is to be human.

“‘All That You Dream’, you could say, is an encouraging word to a younger me, but it also goes out to everyone aspiring to be something else but are blocked for one reason or another and afraid of taking the next step. As soon as the idea was conceived, I wanted Lady Nade, a great friend of mine and sublime songwriter, to feature on the track. She is all about shifting societal stereotypes and breaking expectations by making a stand against being defined by genre”, explained BexX.

Indie-Folk-Americana Bristolian Singer-Songstress Lady Nade started writing poems and songs as a form of healing from grief, performing in venues across her native city of Bristol, her work developed into a calling to connect with her fans on a deeper level and help lead them through life’s complicated tapestry with the healing power of music. She pours creativity into every song, often lavishing them with a recipe to match.

Like most musicians, BexX faced some challenging issues whilst creating new music this year. Lockdown and social distancing prevented their new track from being recorded with a full live band. “I had to produce the track remotely with musicians which meant a new way of working. I had previously recorded the singers from my studio, singing together in the chorus. Lady Nade and myself added the lead vocals afterwards. It was a real community effort with lots of people involved. Which is very much the spirit of the song”, said BexX.

As proud Bristol natives, the synergy between BexX and Lady Nade extends beyond a postcode. Often being told that black females only sing soul R&B or jazz has always quietly played on Lady Nade’s mind, whilst ensuring that staying true to her art regardless of the genre remains front and centre of the creative process. For BexX, their work is also ‘Genre Non-Conforming’, to create a journey in the pursuit of passion to achieve ultimate self-expression.

‘All That You Dream’ is out now on all major platforms.

December 15, 2020 5:48pm ET by The Famous Company  

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