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Fergie unveils 'LA Love' video

Fergie has debuted the video for her latest single.

The singer is releasing the tune 'LA Love' as her next track and its video has now been uploaded online.

The promo clip focuses on Fergie performing the song in Los Angeles with a strong backing section.

There are also cameos from the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Osbourne in its closing section.

Fergie meanwhile is due to include 'LA Love' on her upcoming solo album.

The record - which will act as the follow-up to her 2006 effort 'The Duchess' - is expected to land next year.

Fergie meanwhile recently told Billboard that she is in the process of planning her next batch of live shows. She said:

"I was just on a phone call right before about scheduling for next year's touring. I am so excited for it because I've had a good break from it. And you'll see from this video I just did I had this huge art car/party bus made and it's just unbelievable and you can see how my brain has kind of exploded and how I've really gotten to expand on all these ideas.

"I'm so passionate about my visuals and how the songs are presented and to make sure people get what I'm seeing in my head, because automatically when I'm writing a song and singing a song I see the video, I see how I want to perform it."

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Watch the 'LA Love' video below: