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Fifth Harmony on tour bus living: 'It's really not glamorous'

'Bo$$' superstars Fifth Harmony have revealed that while life on the road has a lot of appeal, it's not quite the glamorous experience they all initially thought it would be.

Member Lauren Jauregui explained to Today.com that there's nothing special or fancy about life on a tour bus, which she was disappointed to discover:

"I had a preconceived notion that tour buses were just the most glamorous thing in the world. That there would be cooking pans where you could cook."

"No. It's literally cereal, some cold turkey, some frozen edamame and that's it."

The girls also recently confessed that feeling homesick is the thing they struggle with the most while they're on tour as they are all really family orientated: "There were definitely a lot of changes, but I think that everything kind of went from 0 to 60 for all of us. Also being away from our families is very hard - we're all very close to our families - and for us to go from seeing them all the time to being away most of the year was pretty hard for us. We lean on each other for support and always keep in touch with them."

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