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Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello: 'A man snatched my wallet and Halloween costume on the subway'

'Bo$$' beauties Fifth Harmony are looking forward to the spooky festivities they have planned for this weekend, but member Camila Cabello revealed that there's one Halloween she would rather forget. 

During a new interview Perez Hilton TV, the girls shared their most memorable Halloween moments and Cabello recalled a particularly scary tale about the time a man took her costume and wallet on the subway in Manhattan:

"Last year for Halloween, we went into New York City to find a Halloween store as I wanted to be Harry Potter and I needed a cape. It was a trek to find the store, but we got it and went back on the subway and this guy took my purse. He took my cape! He took my plastic bag that had my cape and my wallet, and started running with it."

Member Lauren Jauregui then explained that she once was dressed as an unflattering animal when she was a child and has never lived it down: "I think my worst costume was probably when I was young... I was really young and my mum dressed me up as a cow. My mum was obsessed - she still is - with cows. My entire kitchen was cow-themed."

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