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Fifth Harmony chat with Pressparty about cyberbullying and their journey together

Earlier this week, Pressparty caught up with Fifth Harmony for a chat and members Camila Cabello and Dinah Jane Hansen opened up to us about a variety of topics, from enjoying this journey with their best friends to dealing with cyberbullying and online negativity. 

You all seem to be very close as friends as well as band mates – how do you keep that dynamic strong and supportive?

Camila: "It's really cool. I think that we have a lot of respect for each other and we get along as friends, and we laugh a lot. It's cool to have people on a journey like this with you and to not be alone. It's nice to have people to share this with."

Earlier this summer, you became ambassadors for Cybersmile, which is an anti-cyberbullying organisation. How do you deal with and overcome negativity and what would you tell your fans who might be facing a situation like that?

Camila: "I think it's really important to not look at it. The other day I actually tweeted "social media will make you miserable," but... I sound really morbid right now... sometimes people will make comments about me and how I'm annoying or whatever. For people that are sensitive, there's no way to look at it and not be hurt by it even when you know it's wrong. It definitely still hurts. I try to just stay away from it... I won't look at the comments or tweets that I get back, I just don't."

Fifth Harmony's brand new single 'Worth It' is now available from iTunes. You can read the first and second parts of our exclusive interview with the girls here. 

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