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Fifth Harmony's Dinah tells Pressparty which song recently made her cry

Girl group Fifth Harmony are still working hard to promote their debut record 'Reflection' and new single 'Worth It', which peaked at No.3 on the UK chart, 

During a recent interview with Pressparty, songstress Dinah Jane Hansen opened up about her favourite song and movie and confessed that they're both linked

Do you have a favourite song, book or movie at the moment?

Dinah Jane: "I'd say my favourite song... I was just listening to it on my way to up to New York is 'Only Hope' by Mandy Moore from my favourite movie 'A Walk To Remember'! When I was listening to that song on the way here, I was picturing the movie and I was tearing up here and there! I'm a very emotional person!"

Without giving too much away, 'A Walk To Remember' is a 2002 coming-of-age teen romantic drama based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks and stars Mandy Moore and Daryl Hannah. We also spoke to 5H about their highly anticipated second studio album, their fitness regimes, and what it was like to party with Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction

Camila Cabello told us that if she wasn't pursuing a career within the entertainment industry, she would definitely want to be a writer: “I think, for me, I’d probably… what would I do? When I was little, I would write a lot and I wanted to write a book. Well, I still do. I remember I wrote one when I was little called ‘Magictopia’, and I would always write stories so maybe being a novelist would be cool. I would probably try that.” 

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Check out Mandy Moore's 'Only Hope' below: