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Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei: 'Sometimes it can get really hard'

When Normani Kordei is not working there are only a few things she likes to do and one of them is eating. Speaking to Modeliste Magazine, she says:

"I sleep! I love to eat. I love to eat a lot actually. There's this place called Hot and Juicy. I love seafood, so my mom and I actually go there and eat a lot, and stuff our faces. I like to go to the movies and that's pretty much it. Any second I can possibly get, I like to rest."

Kordei also spoke candidly in the latest issue about who inspires her fashion-wise, she reveals:

"I'm really inspired by Ciara. I think she is just gorgeous and constantly reinventing herself and trying new things. She can be whoever she wants to be depending on how she feels.

I love Rihanna, I think that she's kind of a given, and also Sarah Jessica Parker is one of my favourites. I think that she is such a chameleon when it comes to style, which is kind of how I like to describe myself as well.

I can't stick to just one thing. I have to constantly change or else I actually kind of freak out."

Kordei also talks about the pressures of fame, racial cyber abuse. The September cover star said:

"It’s pretty tough. I think that a lot of the people on the outside don’t really necessarily understand all that we do and go through. It’s blood, sweat and tears.

"And constantly getting ridiculed by people that don’t even really know you can be tough and really take a toll on you. I think it’s just staying true to who it is you know you are."

When asked who her greatest inspiration was, she revealed that the way her family coped with relocating after losing their home in New Orleans inspired her:

"They taught me to be strong. I’ve been through so much especially coming from New Orleans where there was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. I had to pick up.

We had to move, make new friends, and I think my family was just strong for me as well because we had to start completely over again. And I think, despite our struggles, no matter what it is that we go through, they always kind of make a way for me to be able to succeed or do whatever it is I need to do to prosper. 

"They’ve always been by my side any time I’m down.

"I can call home, I can call my grandma, my dad, and they’d pick up the phone and cheer me up or pray with me on the phone. And they’re really the reason I’m in this and continue to push myself.

"Sometimes it can get really hard, but I immediately picture them in front of me being there with me, because I know they’re there with me in spirit and I know I can keep going."

Kordei quit Twitter in early August due to racial cyberbullying. She has not tweeted since August 7.

The September issue of Modeliste magazine is available online now. 

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Watch Normani Kordei dance, and a media report about her quitting Twitter below: 


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