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Dave Grohl praises Lorde: 'When I first heard 'Royals' I felt there was hope in the pop music world'

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has praised New Zealand-based songstress Lorde for creating refreshing music that's both accessible and smart. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, the 'All My Life' rocker admitted that he was so happy to hear her song 'Royals' because it came out at a time where the other releases were nothing more than basic "stripper pop":

"When I first heard 'Royals' it was sandwiched between all of that other stripper pop. I was so f***ing relieved. I thought, 'Hey, this might be another revolution.' When I met her I said, 'When I first heard your song on the radio and my kids sang along I felt like there was hope for my kids to grow up in an environment which is more than just superficial.'"

Grohl went onto add that Lorde's lyrics have more 'substance' and 'depth' than most of her contemporaries' songs do, which made him happy after hearing his daughters singing along: 

"My two daughters, Violet and Harper, who are eight and five years old, started singing along. I was so happy and relieved that my two girls were singing a popular song on the radio that had some substance and depth, which I considered to be healthy for them as kids. I know that sounds kind of parent-ish."

Watch Lorde perform with Nirvana at a recent event here:


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