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Dave Grohl on 'Sonic Highways' album: 'People didn't understand the concept'

Foo Fighters released their highly anticipated new album 'Sonic Highways' recently and it saw them record the songs across eight different U.S. cities.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone about the record, frontman Dave Grohl confessed that people seemed to struggle with understanding the concept when he first explained it to them:

"I would explain the idea and someone would say, 'Oh, cool. So, are you going to play a blues song? Are you going to make a country song in Nashville? Are you going to do jazz in New Orleans?' I thought, 'Can you f**king imagine how much of a train wreck that would be?'"

The rocker went onto add that even the band started to get a little lost with moving to different cities that had different musical associations: "First and foremost, we have to make a Foo Fighters record. That's it. And I really fought to retain that."

"At one point in Nashville, I walked in the control room and everyone was wearing f**king cowboy hats. I was like, 'Guys! Don't! Stop! Wait! We are still the Foo Fighters. Are we a jazz band? Are we a country band? F**k no. We are what we are. Put an instrument on each one of us and say, 'Go', and it's going to sound like the band - that's what we do."

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Watch the band's video for 'Something From Nothing' below: