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Foo Fighters revert back to old-style recording for new album

Foo Fighters' front man, Dave Grohl, has taken NME on an exclusive tour of his home studio and revealed some exciting information about the band's new album along the way. 

"I'm gonna give you a little tour of the studio where we recorded our new record. We actually have our own recording studio this beautiful, state of the art 8,000 square foot warehouse that we call 'Studio 606', out in the Valley but rather than make the record there, I thought "fuck it" let's make the record in my garage!"

"We didn't record this record with any digital technology. We went back to using tape machines, which not a lot of people do. The thing about using a tape machine is you can't manipulate the performance in a computer."

The fact that the Foo's have gone back to an earthy, manual process of recording will mean that the new record will exude the same kind of gritty, frenetic appeal that their earliest work had, which will no doubt be a treat for fans.

Check out the full video below: