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Dave Grohl has Brian May's pants

Dave Grohl has a strange memento of working in the studio with Queen rocker Brian May, he revealed to Elle Magazine. 

He has a pair of the legendary guitarist's pants, which he displays like "mistletoe" at Christmas time, and explains:

"Those are Brian May's pants. We hang them up like mistletoe. Brian came to play on the record and he shows up at the studio wearing running shorts, socks and sneaker, with two huge bags. So he put the bags down and sys, 'I'm going to change my clothes', then comes back in these MC Hammer pants, plays the lead, hangs out and then had to split."

"An hour later, he called and said, 'You guys, I left one of my bags in the room, just leave it there and I'll come back and get it.'"

Grohl also admitted that clothes bought for his newborn baby by Sir Paul McCartney will be kept and admired, rather than worn:

"We've framed them, she's not getting them!"

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