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Foo Fighters debut 'Back and Forth' documentary

The documentary based on rockers Foo Fighters, 'Back and Forth', had its world premiere on March 15 at South By Southwest in Texas and the band sat down with to given their opinions on it. 

The James Moll directed project was created out of very "long" and "really deep" interviews that shed a different light on the foursome as both musicians and as friends. Frontman Dave Grohl explained:

"I think in the interview process (Moll) wasn't concerned with music. He wanted to know about heavy s**t,"

"He wanted to know about now how we did something, but why we did something and the relationship between us as people and how that's managed to survive for the last 16 years. The interviews he did with us were long and they were really deep and we said things we wouldn't necessarily say about each other."

Although the band claimed that they're "not sure we like movies at all," they feel that Moll did a fantastic job in accurately portraying the realities of being in Foo Fighters, and embodied what Grohl feels is the "message" of the band's music and career:

"After selling out f***ing stadiums and becoming this big rock band, why would you make a garage record? To me the first hour and 20 minutes of the movie is leading up to that moment, where we go from the stadium to the garage… To me that's the message of the movie."

Watch the documentary's highly anticipated introduction to an excited audience of fans and critics alike, below:


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