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Foo Fighters rock Saturday Night Live

Foo Fighters took time out from promoting their documentary-style movie last night, April 9, for an exclusive appearance as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live. 

The 'Everlong' stars performed alongside Dame Helen Mirren, who was the episode's host, and gave rousing renditions of their new tracks 'Rope' and 'Walk', but also appeared in a couple of the show's famous skits. 

The band's frontman, Dave Grohl, featured briefly in a segment that was based around a strip club and which also saw Mirren as a pole dancer complete with nipple tassels and leapord print jumpsuit, and then he appeared again as an angel in a vision of heaven that was induced, again, by Mirren's chest. 

Watch the hilarious strip club skit, which sees Grohl take the stage and mic toward the end, here:


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