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Dave Grohl "can't let the Foo Fighters go"

Despite his work with side projects and other bands, rocker Dave Grohl admits he could never leave Foo Fighters behind. 

Speaking to Music Week, the 'One By One' star revealed that collaborating with other artists and acts only "re-energises" his passion for the Foos:

"Whenever I go to do a side-project it usually re-energises me to come back and do this. Whether it’s doing Vultures or jamming with Paul McCartney, it always makes me want to come back to the Foo Fighters." 

"I can’t ever let the Foo Fighters go. I can’t not be in this band." 

The band have always demonstrated a genuine passion for real music, especially this year with the release of 'Wasting Light', which saw them shun digital technology during the recording process, and most recently with their series of intimate gigs in fans' garages. 

Watch an extended trailer and interview from the Foo Fighters' documentary, 'Back and Forth', here:


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