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Girls Aloud admit upcoming tour will be a "challenge"

Girls Aloud believe it will be hard to make their 2013 arena tour their biggest yet - but it seems they are up for the challenge.

The British pop group reunited in October to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a greatest hits album and a 2013 UK and Ireland tour.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, the quintet said that they are looking to make their arena run their best tour yet. Cheryl Cole said:

"We quite like the challenge, we know we've got to make it bigger. We've always gone in there full force. There doesn't feel like there's any expectations. It just feels like it's gonna be fun."

Commenting on the band's new material, which is included on their new compilation 'Ten', Kimberley Walsh said: "It feels good to have music out there again. It's nervewracking, because you're always worrying about how it's gonna be perceived and if people are gonna like it. We're excited about other songs we've got as well. We have to wait patiently for people to hear those. We know what we've got but we just hope other people like it as well."




Watch the video for Girls Aloud's 'Something New' below: