Interview with Mosaic LGBT Youth; Mosaic's Youth Receive Special Invite from Adam Lambert + More!

Lukasz of Mosaic LGBT Youth UK, Chats with Us about Mosaic’s “Evening with Adam Lambert” PLUS a new special invitation from Adam and more!

We first became acquainted with Lukasz Konieczka, founder and manager of London’s Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre in 2015 through the Original High CD gifting program. In 2016, government funding to Mosaic was cut and the centre faced closure. The CDs donated by Adam’s fans were used as donation rewards on the centre’s “Save Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre” crowdfunder campaign. The campaign was a success! We had the pleasure of chatting with Lukasz about Mosaic, their Adam Lambert Silent Auction and Mosaic’s highly successful event, “An Evening with Adam Lambert.”  Lukasz also shared details of a new surprise invitation from Adam!  

Q: What inspired you to open Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre?

A: Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre started as a sexual health intervention for gay and bisexual men in 2000 but have since evolved to include all LGBT+ young persons and offering a more holistic approach to their needs. We now offer a whole spectrum of programmes aiming to support, educate and inspire young LGBT persons!   

Q: What types of programmes and services does Mosaic offer and how important is it that LGBT youth have access to these services?

A: Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre serves young LGBT+ persons age thirteen to nineteen, we reach about 250 young LGBT persons a year. Our services range from mentoring support where young persons can talk freely about their difficulties in a kind, affirming and supportive environment. Through our youth network, young LGBT+ persons can develop peer networks and speak to mentors as well as take part in educational workshops and events like “Pride Prom” and “Homoween.” Mosaic offers a fun, positive, affirming space to socialise and be yourself in. We also respond to identified needs and that is how our LGBT Youth Summer Camp was born alongside this year’s innovation “Flawless Talent,“ a talent competition for young LGBT+ persons. Young LGBT+ persons in all our services should feel welcomed, supported, respected, but also challenged to make sure they feel safe, but learn and grow.

Our members often tell us about their experiences at Mosaic and in their account, they refer to us as ‘second home’ or ‘family of choice’ which sums up very well the kind of approach we offer.

Q: After the government funding cuts to Mosaic in 2016, how did you manage to save Mosaic?

A: Community generosity when we ran our crowdfunding campaign alongside support from Glambert Angels and Adam Lambert’s fans, LGBT+ organisations and businesses allowed us to establish a fundamental funding. The commitment from our volunteers and staff allowed us to transition into another model of work. We were very fortunate as we have had a great reputation and were very well networked!

Q: You mentioned that you'd love for Mosaic to be open more than once a week, so that you could offer a drop-in service for youth.  Has your dream of this become reality yet?

A: London is a very expensive city and space is scarce. We would need our own building to do that and that is not possible sadly as we rent our spaces where we deliver services.  Having our own building and offering more support throughout is our ambition!  

Q: Congratulations on the huge success of Mosaic’s “An Evening with Adam Lambert!” How did Adam's visit come to be?

A: Thank you! Adam’s visit was received really well!  Mosaic’s young persons had an amazing time! Adam’s visit was a bit of a surprise, we have contacted his press team couple of years ago after we received the donated Adam Lambert CDs, nothing came of it then, but it seems we planted a seed and fast forward we managed to get Adam to visit Mosaic! AND Adam has now invited our members to attend Queen + Adam Lambert concert at the o2 in July!

Q: How important do you feel it is for LGBT youth to have role models such as Adam?

A: Our LGBT young persons experience high levels of isolation and loneliness as they don’t see people like them around often. Having someone as prominent and successful as Adam has a great impact on young persons especially those who are also Jewish and LGBT like Adam. Those felt an even deeper impact.

Q: What would you say was the most touching moment during this special event with Adam? 

A: It had to have been when a young person who was Jewish started talking about her journey and religious struggle and Adam told her that he is Jewish too. That was so inspirational and empowering for our young persons!  

Q: It was so sweet of Adam to invite Mosaic’s youth to the o2 concert!  WOW! What an amazing experience for your youth to see their role model Adam perform at the o2 with the legendary band Queen!  What was the reaction from your youth when they learned of Adam's invitation?  

A: They were all overwhelmed and excited!!! They can’t wait to go and see the performance they heard so much about, but it was not achievable to them as tickets are expensive.  Having Adam invite them to be his guests and also making allowances for a Meet and Greet before the show is absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you Adam!

Q: Mosaic is currently holding a Silent Auction with items that Adam autographed for you during his visit to Mosaic. How will the proceeds of the auction benefit Mosaic?  

A: The Silent Auction proceeds will be ring fenced for our cultural program. It is our commitment to bring LGBT+ young persons closer to LGBT+ culture, history, heritage and arts. As part of this commitment we offer Culture Club which offers free and heavily subsidised tickets to exhibitions, events, theatre productions and screening.  We have an autographed “The Original High” Vinyl album and all of Adam’s CDs.  We just added a new item as a combination offer, a CD and a tour lithograph and both are autographed by Adam! One of the bidders has offered to gift Mosaic with the item if her bid wins and that is so generous! The auction also has a “Donate” option for those who aren’t bidding in the auction, but still wish to donate to help Mosaic’s Culture Club.  Every little donation adds up and will go a long way in supporting Mosaic’s young persons!    

To bid on Mosaic's Adam Lambert Auction or donate to Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, please visit this link (click)>>>>  Mosaic LGBT Youth UK Adam Lambert Auction 

Q: What are your hopes and dreams for Mosaic's future?

A: We are preparing to launch UK’s first LGBT Youth Chorus and that is going to bring us closer to our goal of bringing young LGBT+ persons closer to LGBT+ culture.  Our biggest dream would be to have a building that we can offer more services from, we remain optimistic. You never know I might win a lottery :-)  

Q: Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre is such a vital resource for LGBT youth in London.  We’re so impressed with the work you do! Thank you so much for sharing with us Lukasz.  One last question please? So, Lukasz, are you a huge Glambert now? ;)  

A: Yes, I certainly am a Glambert!  As one of my young persons said once said, it feels good to have a community! :)  

(Welcome to the Glamily Lukasz!)

To bid on Mosaic's Adam Lambert Auction or donate to Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre, please visit this link (click)>>>>  Mosaic LGBT Youth UK Adam Lambert Auction  

It's fast and easy to create an account on the auction site - you are not required to create an account if you simply wish to Donate to Mosaic.  Please Note that Mosaic offers worldwide shipping. Thank you! 

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