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Benji Madden is straight about the breakdown of Good Charlotte

Rocker Benji Madden has revealed that the breakdown of Good Charlotte was really troubling for the entire band because none of them had thought further into the future, career wise. 

Speaking to Rock Sound magazine, he explained that the band's success was exhausting and they all needed significant time away from it, but when it finally happened they weren't sure how to handle it:

"We were breaking down after doing five albums in 10 years. It was like being thrown out of a plane without any warning, and suddenly we realised that there was no parachute. We hung in there and toughed it out, but eventually I couldn't help thinking, 'This thing's going to kill us if we don't take a second for ourselves.' All of us needed to figure out who we were outside of Good Charlotte, what we wanted to do with our lives, and there was no point doing this if it wasn't exciting anymore."

Joel Madden went onto add that having time off allowed them to spend more time with their families, which was crucial to him because he wanted to be with his children, Harlow and Sparrow: 

"We made a record at the end that almost felt like an exercise. My son (Sparrow) had just been born, and my daughter spent the first two years of her life on a tour bus. I was missing a lot at home, and we all had our families to think of. It had become more about what other people wanted: the fans, the label, not wanting to let anyone down."

Back in December, Joel and Benji Madden praised their young friends 5SOS and credited the Aussie lads with getting them excited about the music scene again: "People have a hard time believing a group like 5 Seconds of Summer. They're all so damn personable and they're cute and they're good at music. We had the same thing. People thought Good Charlotte was manufactured. We met in high school!"

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Watch the Madden brothers performing 'Amnesia' below:


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