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Good Charlotte: 'We took a break so we could find that spirit again'

Rockers Good Charlotte are gearing up to release their new album 'Youth Authority' and they have opened up about taking a break in order to reboot their creativity.

During an interview with CBS Local in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Benji Madden admitted that the band's hiatus was crucial to their progression with new music because they all really needed some significant time off:

“I think the reason that we took a break from the band was to find that spirit again, and the only way we could do that is living our lives and stepping away from it. You go into making your first record and essentially you had 18 years to write it... All of the sudden everyone knows your band and all in the sudden there’s a demand, and then it’s like ‘oh we got to write another one’."

"You don’t necessarily ever write one record from the same place, and you always wish you could get back to that feeling you had before that first record. Before you knew. When you were still green."

"I think getting time away from the band and all of us getting to live our lives and spend time with our families and be married, we did actually go away from the band. So we did come back and make this record, almost like we were starting all over again.”

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Watch a lyric video for one of the band's new songs below:


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