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Good Charlotte's Benji: 'I can’t see us doing this much past the age of 40'

Good Charlotte recently unveiled their new album 'Youth Authority' and they have revealed that their band is nearing the final stages of its life. 

Chatting to Be in Australia about the future of their band, Benji Madden (37) explained that they probably won't continue on with the project into their 40s: 

“I can’t see us doing Good Charlotte much past 40. Joel had actually said that he didn’t think he ever wanted to make another Good Charlotte record. I think at a certain point Good Charlotte wasn’t ours anymore..."

Madden went onto add that it's important for them to remain in the music industry: “[We want to] keep making sure that the music industry has some good guys in it. Stick up for the little guy; for the underdogs. It was important for us to go out the way we started – on our own terms – and that was really the whole point of this record and the next record."

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Watch the band's new music video here:


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