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Beth Ditto thinks Lady Gaga's music is only relevant to "five year olds"

Gossip's frontwoman Beth Ditto has given her thoughts on Lady Gaga's popularity and admitted in a new interview that she thinks the 'Judas' hitmaker's music is only appropriate for "five year olds".

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Ditto explained that she feels as though Gaga has little relevance to an adult audience, but believes she will be the icon of the current young generation:

"I think her music is for five year olds. Like when I was five, for me it was Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson. Those people were iconic. I'm 31 so that was like 26 years ago."

"I think that for the five year old watching MTV right now Lady Gaga is going to be an iconic person. In 20 years, the people who are here and talking to journalists will be like, 'Oh Lady Gaga changed my life, Nicki Minaj changed my life.' They'll be saying who influenced them and it will be Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, artists like that. I don't think it's as relevant when a 31-year-old is saying the same things."




Watch Gossip's music video for 'Perfect World' below: