Jonah release sun-drenched video for "Love Lost" 💘

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With the second release taken from their debut album “Wicked Fever”Jonah dare to step back into the past with “Love Lost”. Memories of love and the limitless freedom of youth during sun-drenched midsummer nights, “I feel my days could stretch forever, We could hold on to one another.” Seemingly small gestures gain in significance over time as tonal textures swell and vocals insistently assure us, “I keep waiting, Just in case…”

Angelo and Christian stay true to the hymnal quality of their work, making “Love Lost” a light-footed pop song with coltish guitars, ambient electronic elements, and huge melodies—somewhere between indie aesthetics and marching folk drums.

To make the video, the duo headed for the eternally blistering hills in and around L.A. The streets are cracked and lined with palm trees, and the golden haze of southern Californian sunshine fights its way through the thick pall of smog enveloping the countless streets, houses, and people. This is a vision like the sound of a song: full of yearning, dream-like, and emotional. Amid all this, a story of three young people and the deep sense of connection they share: it is a saga of love and friendship, expectations and disappointments, welcoming embraces and final farewells.

The closing line is one of forgiveness, “No love lost—I don’t blame you.”

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In January 2015, in the remoter reaches of Fuerteventura, Jonah began writing songs for their debut album, “Wicked Fever”. Somewhere between the depths of the deep blue sea and the arid volcanic moonscape, with neither mobile nor email reception but for that their own antennae all the more finely tuned, the duo condensed the surreal ambiance of the place into their instantly recognisable ethereal sound.

"Wicked Fever" is a road trip through the ins and outs of Jonah’s imagination, the ups, and downs of their hearts. A visceral kaleidoscope with a thousand facets in which lyrics, music, and sound converge into 11 majestic tracks.

Stream/download "Wicked Fever": here 

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