Melancholy-folk artist Lucas Laufen releases his cinematic video for "A Million Miles from Love"

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“A Million Miles from Love” hit Lucas Laufen during his trip back home a few years back, particularly on a night when the singer-songwriter noticed his legs had been covered in blood.

“I went back down to the house to check what had happened and noticed that a rabbit had been killed on the lawn and left blood all through the grass. It was lying dead about a metre away from its rabbit hole with all of its family surrounding it.”

The deeply personal narrative behind the single was fuelled by this graphic and surreal experience, forcing the singer-songwriter to recognise how possible it is to be close to home but simultaneously far away.

“I was in a really strange mindset with all the flying and moving between one side of the world and another - physically with my family but mentally floating around in space.”

Laufen worked with Tim Hodgson to direct the music video for his evocative debut. The collaborators tell an all-too-familiar story through minimal and vulnerable spaces, where recognizable material objects transcend their consumerist values.

New beginnings also mean saying goodbye to an old life – to create a new chapter; you leave behind another. 

In 2016, the Australian troubadour – a classically influenced singer and folk guitarist left everything behind in his coastal town Port Lincoln for a dream life on the European road. A competent pianist at the age of 8, a trumpet player at 10, in his teens Laufen discovered the acoustic guitar and began writing own songs. After school, he began studying and working, however exhausting 60-hour weeks kept him from his goals, and the desire for self-realisation grew. 

Finding his feet in the German capital of Berlin, Lucas put down roots and used the city as a base to release his debut EP “Goodbye”. The EP was toured through 11 different countries, performed in clubs, living rooms and concert halls. 

After two years of writing while on the road, Lucas travelled to Christchurch New Zealand to wrap his experience into an album. “I Know Where Silence Lives” was produced by Ben Edwards (Marlon Williams, Aldous Harding, Julia Jacklin) at “The Sitting Room”, overlooking the ocean and recorded next to nature. The album is 9 songs of personal journey, touching on themes of loss, searching and the beauty in between. The writing ties ocean to city and forest to the concrete streets of Berlin.

Delivered intimately and arranged emotionally, the album is wrapped up in melancholy, but embellished with hope. Recorded without the help of software instruments, Lucas features his trumpet throughout the album as well as a wide selection of brass, woodwind, strings and percussion. Poetic lyrics and emotional arrangements complete “I Know Where Silence Lives” as a sincere musical representation of the up and coming musician’s past two years in the world.

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September 2, 2019 6:50am ET by Guerilla Music GmbH  

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