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Harry Styles on writing new album Fine Line: 'I tried to open up about how I was feeling'


Harry Styles has revealed a few more nuggets about his upcoming second solo album, Fine Line.

Speaking to Ash London from Hit Network in Australia today (November 19), Styles revealed:

'There are twelve tracks, no collaborations. A lot of different stuff on it and different things strike different chords with me.'

On identifying his favourite album tracks, he said:

"Two of my favourites are probably the first track and the last track.

"I wrote a lot of stuff. It helps me kind of 'mould' when a lot of the time I'll have a song and I'll be like 'This is clearly the first song, this is how you start an album,' and then there was a song I wrote where it was like 'This is clearly the last song'.

"From there, I usually end off with the first and last one, and then I kind of 'tetris' it around from there!

The English singer-songwriter, musician and charismatic actor also spoke to Australian radio presenter Smallzy about the theme behind his music.

"I think for me, the music that I love, the stuff I connect with the most, is people being honest. When you get to know a little piece of them that you didn't know before.

"I think I tried to be really honest with the writing and tried to open up about how I was feeling at the time. It kind of comes across. It's a reflection of the music I like".

He revealed on Hit Network what it was like to co-host, act and sing on SNL last Saturday (November 16).

"They're very old school, they go with cue cards. It was a hectic week but it was good fun. I enjoyed myself.

When Ash London asked if he did a lot of 'nervous wees' during rehearsals, he replied honestly:

"I did a lot of nervous wees!

"It was good actually, everyone there was really nice, very welcoming. I ended up feeling quite relaxed when we were actually doing the show."

London complimented Styles on the restraint he shows when it comes to social media. He admitted:

"Honestly, with social media and stuff, in terms of a personal life, it's just not my first instinct to want to put stuff online.

"It's not like 'Cool, I want to keep everything back'. Social media for me, if I want to go on it, I'll go on it, if I don't, I won't."

Fine Line will be released on December 13.

The album is available to pre-order here.

Check ticket availability for Styles' Love On Tour 2020 world tour HERE.  

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