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Lauren Jauregui and Halsey post Strangers video teaser

Lauren Jauregui and Halsey have both tweeted out a 'Strangers' video teaser today (June 16). 'Strangers' is Halsey's new single featuring Jauregui.

Jauregui accompanied the minute long snippet with the caption: "#StrangersVideo June 20, 2018 Rosa", the video encourages you to "see how the story began'.

It has been shot to replicate a real movie trailer complete with the opening caption "approved by hopeless fountain kingdom & the houses of the Angelous and the Aureum"

The soundtrack to the clip is actually from Halsey's 'Angel On Fire'.

Halsey's upload is a little bit longer at 1 minute 33 seconds long, and comes with the captions: "See How The Story Began. #StrangersVideo 🦋 June 20 2018

"Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui - STRANGERS (Official Trailer) Video Premiere: June 20 2018"

She uploaded the same onto Instagram (see below). 

The video is a modern life take on a Shakespeare classic. Halsey said in a tweet just before she uploaded the snippet: "The album, and every video, is one continuous gender flipped Romeo and Juliet story! Luna is Romeo and Solis is Juliet. Rosaline (Rosa) is the woman Romeo is in love with before Juliet but he cannot have her!"

Halsey plays 'Luna' and Jauregui plays 'Rosa' according to another clip Jauregui uploaded onto Instagram (see below). 

Watch Halsey and Jauregui perform strangers together here. 

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