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Halsey on her "11 Minutes" collaboration with UK artist Yungblud

Halsey says she and Yungblud are "very similar artists".

Listen to Halsey and Yungblud chatting about how they got together below.

The pair have collaborated with Travis Barker on the track 11 Minutes and Halsey says the 21-year-old English singer-songwriter reminds her of herself.

She told 97.1 AMP's Morning Show: "We're really similar artists.

"I discovered him really organically and I was totally blown away because I started everything in my career very organically - building a cult fan-base, creating a secret language, playing shows nonstop, touring my butt off for five years and really creating an environment that felt like a community."

Halsey, 24, was so impressed with Yungblud that when she first heard him, she immediately "slid into" his DMs with a black heart and her personal phone number, which led to both a collaboration and a romance between them.

The idea for 11 minutes came about after they met up in Los Angeles for a drink and started talking about the music they loved.

Halsey then contacted Travis Barker about working with the duo and 36 hours later they were all in a studio together.

Halsey previously explained: "It was like within 36 hours it went from this idea we were talking about to this fully incubated thing. We were all in the studio together and it just happened.

"It was organic and it was the product of us having a conversation about the music we grew up on."

Yungblud also revealed a future collaboration is not out of the question. He revealed: "I really like writing with her because I really admire her mind and the way she thinks. I don't think we're going to put any label on it or anything. We're just writing what we write."

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