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Hurts need to "get depressed" to write new music

Hurts performed at Glastonbury Festival over the weekend and admitted to the NME that their second album might take a while to write as they need "to get depressed again" before working on new material. 

One half of the electro/synthpop act, Theo Hutchcraft, explained after their set on June 26 that they need to get into a certain state of mind to create new music:

"Starting the new one, we've got to get our heads around where it's gonna go and what it's gonna be, but it'll be fine. Come the end of the year, I expect we'll be well on our way." 

"Plus, we've got to get depressed again [to write]! And that doesn't really happen when you go around playing festivals. We have to engineer some sort of catastrophe to make us feel miserable again. We're trying to work it out at the moment, actually."

Both Hutchcraft and bandmate Adam Anderson joked that they had boycotted any food from the festival because of how dirty the site at Worthy Farm was:

"Think about it, the cows are going to be eating grass that's growing in human shit. I've thought about this long-term and my advice is: enjoy the festival, don't eat food that comes from the farm."

Watch part of Hurts' set from the John Peel Stage below: