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Hurts star once put in hospital by fans

Hurts frontman Theo Hutchcraft has revealed that he was once hospitalised with a punctured ear drum after a group of frantic fans knocked him down two flights of stairs.

The star was in a fire escape in Spain when the mob came after him, he said: "I was standing on a fire escape of a venue in Madrid and a stampede of teenage girls burst through trying to get to me.

"They knocked me down two flights of metal stairs and I ended up in hospital with a punctured eardrum."

And that’s not the only terrifying encounter the band - who admit they have to get depressed to write music - have had with over-zealous fans. Theo also recounted a concert where a jealous girl sparked a bloody brawl.

He said: "I had a terrifying one in Estonia. I gave each girl a small amount of attention and this one girl was just staring the whole time.

"When I stayed with one girl for longer the starer came over and grabbed the girl by the throat.

"Then, five minutes later, there was an ambulance and a load of policemen.

"Suddenly, she bursts back in, blood down her face, eight guys chasing her, everyone screaming. She smacked the bouncers out cold."

Check out Theo surrounded by female fans in Kiev below: