Swiss band, Disgroove to invade the UK once again Pulling the plug on their guitars along the way

Disgroove are set to grace our shores touring their fourth album “Best Redressed”, but they left their “rock” axes in the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps to show just how much energy can be derived from an acoustic guitar.

This is a band famous for their angst-ridden wit, sarcasm and driving force which they have previously showcased on tour with the likes of Helmet, Velvet Revolver and Amplifier. Don’t worry about their decision to go acoustic; they don’t plan to be donning beards and brown knitted jumpers anytime soon.

They are a band that “don’t do things by halves”, and have called in the help of some new members on keyboard, percussion and of course, a second guitar.

With the help of their new reinforcements, they have recorded the best of their last three albums in new arrangements along with a few brand new tracks.

Their latest album, ‘Best Redressed’ is set to release on Friday 9th November.

Be sure to catch Disgroove at one of the following shows:
15th Nov      Auntie Annie’s             Belfast
17th Nov      Slemish Bar                 Ballymena
19th Nov      Retro Bar                    Manchester
21st Nov      Viper Rooms               Sheffield
22nd Nov     The Railway                Bolton
23rd Nov      Mother’s Ruin            Bristol
24th Nov      Motherlive, Hoxton    London


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Watch the new video for ‘Seven Miles’ below:

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