Get yourself and a friend ready for summer with ‘The Bikini Promise + One’ on ITV’s Lorraine

Get yourself and a friend ready for summer with ‘The Bikini Promise + One’ on ITV’s Lorraine 

Following on from the success of last year’s Bikini Promise, this year Lorraine is encouraging you and your other half, friend or partner, to team up and get ready for the summer with the ‘Bikini Promise + One’.   You and your ‘plus one’ will encourage and support each other as you get fit and healthy with a summer food and fitness plan. Lorraine’s team of experts will show you how to wear your beachwear with confidence no matter what age, shape or size you are.  

Over six weeks, cook and nutritionist Sally Bee, fitness expert Maxine Jones and Dr Hilary Jones will help viewers, and their plus ones, to feel good about themselves and confident as holidays beckon.  

Lorraine Kelly said: “For the finale of the Bikini Promise last year, I danced on the banks of the River Thames in my bikini with a fantastic group of women also in their bikinis. Who knows what will be in store for this year’s finale! 

“I never thought I would feel confident enough to wear a bikini on national TV but if I can do it then you can too. This plan is all about feeling healthy, fit and happy.  This year we want you to get your ‘plus one’ involved as well. It could be your partner, relative or best friend." 

Qualified fitness instructor Maxine Jones has helped Lorraine get into the fantastic shape she is in.  She will show viewers exercises that they can do with a partner and which will help tone and strengthen their bodies. They will also be fun to do and easy to follow at home. Maxine said: "Working out and getting fit and healthy makes you feel better inside and out. I’ll be showing you simple and fun exercises which will strengthen and tone so you can wear your bikini with pride this summer. Your priority is to have fun, as long as you’re moving it’s all good.” 

Sally Bee will share her delicious healthy recipes with Lorraine viewers, as well as being affordable and delicious, they are also quick and easy to cook.  

Sally said: “I’m going to be sharing some healthy, easy to follow recipes using fresh and delicious produce that will make you feel good from the inside out. It’s all about nourishing yourself slim, about feeling and looking healthy.” 

Dr Hilary Jones will be offering medical advice to viewers around health issues that are associated with being overweight and unfit. He will be suggesting ways for viewers and their plus ones to adopt healthier lifestyles.  

Two Lorraine viewers and their plus ones have already made their Bikini Promise + One. They were flown to Barbados for a week to kick-start their campaign to lose weight, feel healthy and gain confidence that will last a lifetime, not just the summer. The trip was a masterclass in exercise and healthy eating, learning about nutrition and health. Follow their progress on Lorraine and see the results of all their hard work in July for the big reveal. 



The Bikini Promise + One launches on Lorraine on 6th June 2016 for six weeks. For more details see

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