Wayne Sleep to take part in ITV's The Real Full Monty to help raise awareness for prostate cancer

What made you agree to take part in The Real Full Monty?
I had prostate cancer last year, fortunately I caught it in time because of regular blood tests. It showed that the PSA was too high and if it wasn’t for just going for a medical I wouldn’t have known about it and I wouldn’t be here today. Since that, I’ve become the ambassador for Prostate Cancer UK so I’m spreading the word and what better way to do it than this.

It’s great to be with all the other guys, they are marvelous.

What has the process been like building up to the performance?
We’re all so different and we all struggled in our own ways with the strip. With the routine, I have to learn it in a technical way, due to my training, whereas the others learnt it by the beats in the song, so I sometimes held up rehearsal. I’m still scared of the costume in case something gets caught or snags on the night but hey that’s show business.

Is there a good camaraderie between the guys?
Yes. I get on very well with Elliott we bonded because I’ve seen how he’s grown from the beginning. He was the least competent at dancing and he has improved so much. Ashley put in some last minute changes and Elliott would have normally taken hours to have got it right but he got it right within 5 minutes.

What do you hope the outcome of the documentary will be?
I hope the wives will tell their husbands to get a check because there are no symptoms for prostate cancer. Testicular cancer you can feel but men don’t like to address it. By us being naked we’re saying to the nation if we can go on and be naked in front of you why can’t your husbands go for a blood test. Hopefully we’ll save many, many lives. All it is, is a blood test. I’ve been given a second chance and I think it’s my duty to go out and spread the word.

What has been the highlight or funniest moment from filming for you?
In Sheffield I went to pull my trousers off during the dress rehearsal and I couldn’t pull them off because I was standing on them. I’d taken the belt off and they’d dropped almost to my ankles so I was stuck and I had to quickly yank them. With my G-string I didn’t realise it was held together by poppers so I wasn’t pulling them off properly.

I’m really looking forward to it but I do wish I was really fit again like I was when I was younger! 

June 8, 2017 7:11am ET by ITV Press Centre  

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