ITV’s Sam Tatlow shortlisted for the Disability Power 100 2021


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Sam Tatlow, ITV’s Creative Diversity Partner has been shortlisted for Shaw Trust’s 2021 Disability Power 100.

The Disability Power 100 is an annual celebration of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK, working to break the stigma around disability, creating a more accessible and inclusive world for all. ​​​​​​​

A fifth of the UK’s population has a disability or impairment, however, there is very little recognition of successful and influential disabled people. Shaw Trust wants to change the public perception of disability, to recognise strong, successful, influential people who are leaders in their field. Encouraging the talented leaders of tomorrow to connect with role models and see that aspiration and ambition can be fulfilled regardless of disability or impairment.

The Power 100 has the power to influence people from all walks of life and means something different to everyone on the list, Nikki Fox, BBC Disability Correspondent was announced as the 2020’s most influential disabled person in Britain and chaired the 2021 independent judging panel. This year there were more than 550 nominations for the 100 places on the list.

Sam is a Creative Diversity Partner at ITV and is part of the team delivering the Diversity Acceleration Plan. She is involved in delivering ITV’s Accelerating Disability into the Mainstream agenda which was announced in July 2021 and also works closely with producers and the commissioning teams to ensure a diverse and inclusive team are involved for all ITV commissions. Working closely with her counterparts at the other broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, STV, UKTV and Viacom CBS; Sam is involved in creating meaningful cultural change within the television industry, paying particular attention to accessibility and support packages such as Access to Work to enable increased representation of disabled people within our industry.

Sam Tatlow, said:

“Being recognised by Shaw Trust in this way is an honour, thank you. Creating change, particularly for disabled people, is often a slow process and progress doesn’t happen as fast as anyone would like. The impact the pandemic has had on disabled people’s lives and careers over the past year and a half has been monumental but there have also been some benefits from the new ways we have all had to learn to live and work. I’m encouraged by this and feel we are turning a corner particularly when it comes to representation of disabled people in the television industry. I hope by this time next year that feeling has become a reality and I can’t wait for that to happen.”

Ade Rawcliffe said:

“We are delighted that the terrific Sam has been recognised for the outstanding work that she has done to drive disability inclusion in the industry and are excited to have her as a crucial part of our team at ITV as we work on delivering the second year of our Diversity Acceleration Plan with a focus on driving disability into the mainstream.”

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About the Shaw Trust Disability Power 100

The Shaw Trust Power is an annual publication of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK. Since its inception four years ago, the publication has gone from strength to strength. Over the years it has allowed Shaw Trust to encourage businesses, employers and other organisations to reflect on opportunities available for disabled people. The list plays a vital role in providing much needed encouragement to the young and talented leaders of tomorrow, allowing them to see that aspiration and ambition can be fulfilled regardless of disability or impairment.

About Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust believe everyone has the right to live a decent and dignified life and an opportunity for rewarding work. We are a social purpose organisation challenging inequality and breaking down barriers to enable social mobility.

Having grown from humble beginnings in 1982 in the village of Shaw in Wiltshire, finding jobs for disabled people, today we are a complex and diverse charity committed to employment as the core pathway to a better life. For us being part of the solution is about creating the conditions for this to happen, advocating and delivering services that make a real difference. Working in partnership not competition, we are part of an eco-system of purpose-led organisations, striving for a fairer, more equal society centered on opportunity for all.

Shaw Trust was founded on these principles more than 30 years ago, and for our 2,500 employees and 1,000 volunteers across the UK, they remain true.

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