Scandinavian Alt-Grunge-Pop star CORRO set to release New Single 'MENTAL'

The debut album 'Stay Tuned to Have your Heart Broken' will be released this year via Icons Creating Evil Art


Icons Creating Evil Art

Beautifully dark, captivatingly charismatic grunge infused, alt-pop from Sweden.

Emerging from the shadows, brimming with colour & Nordic charm, CORRO continues to carve out his place within the music sphere with an arsenal of melody & aesthetic, usually reserved for the elite. His new single MENTAL is released March 12, the second single from his upcoming debut album, planned for release this year.

Talking about his new single, Corro says: "The song is about killing yourselves mentally to be able to stay together because you are aware of how bad you are for each other but are unable to break apart.”

With a repertoire that glides effortlessly between dark pop anthems & riff laden grunge-punk-rock, CORRO encompasses a theatrical energy, delivered with an underlying wit, that draws comparison to the likes of Yungblud and Palaye Royale.

It is with this infusion of genre-crossing creativity that continues to attract new fans towards CORRO’s increasingly impressive fanbase. Spanning the globe, this community of like-minded music fans have become like family to CORRO and enjoy an intimacy and dedication that flows both ways. It is likely the honesty with which CORRO approaches his song-writing that connects his fans – documenting first-hand experiences of suffering mental health, in a subtle, caring and empathetic way that allows his listeners to identify and relate. This level of trust and engagement from CORRO’s fans has helped to solidify him as one of the hottest artists to watch on the alt-rock radar.

Harnessing this momentum and generating a new lease of energy with each release, 2021 is already shaping up to be CORRO’s most exciting year yet, with both a debut album due to drop this year, as well as international live dates being planned for the autumn including a night at London’s infamous Camden Assembly. With his international team of creative cretins and a growing fanbase behind him, CORRO enters 2021 with an ever-increasing ability to turn side-line watchers, into superfans.

The debut album 'Stay Tuned to Have your Heart Broken' will be released this year, the new single MENTAL is out March 12 via Icons Creating Evil Art.

March 12, 2021 4:00am ET by Icons Creating Evil Art  

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