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Iggy Azalea on album delay: "It wasn't seven years in the making"

Australian rap star Iggy Azalea has been talking about the delayed release of her debut album ‘The New Classic’.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly the ‘Fancy’ blonde rapper revealed that there have been various reasons behind the wait for her premiere major label LP.

She also divulged that she chose to revise some of her music after touring with Beyoncé and Katy Perry donating a song.

Iggy explained: “There’s not stuff from two years ago on the album. I wrote a lot of the material in December 2012 and January 2013. That’s when I wrote most of the songs… Then I came back in 2013 and did a few more tracks in June or July… I thought I was done then. So it was really only four months of recording. It wasn’t seven years in the making. It’s not a ‘Detox’ [Dr Dre’s long-awaited album] situation.”

She went on: “I finished it in June and July on a label budget, and I was supposed to put it out but didn’t because I went on the Beyoncé tour in Australia. When I came back off that, they wanted a Christmas release date, but once I came off the tour I felt like I learned a lot and wanted to make changes to it.”

Speaking about Katy Perry’s involvement Azalea said: “I met Katy Perry and she gave me ‘Black Widow’, which she wrote the hook to, and that didn’t even exist until after the EMAs in Europe last fall.” 

Listen to a preview of ‘The New Classic’ below: