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Issues' Tyler Carter talks solo EP: 'I still haven't truly discovered the deeper me'

Issues made a major splash last year, with the metalcore group seeing their self-titled debut album reach the US top ten.

Their attention-catching brand of brutality and melody sees Tyler Carter on clean vocal duties - and the singer has just released his debut solo EP 'Leave Your Love'.

Pressparty caught up with the pop and R&B influenced vocalist to find out more about the release, his inspiration and how he will juggle his solo work with Issues.

A lot of people will say this EP was a long time coming - why did you feel this was the right time to release it?

The EP was in the works for a couple years. Though it was finished, there was never really a perfect time to release it due to my band and I being so busy and constantly having a media overload as is. We have taken some time off now to write a new album and it just seems like a good moment to give my fans what they been waiting for. I'm ready to read better and more advanced music, but I wanted these songs to see the light of day.

Does it frustrate you at all that some Issues fans, who are into the band’s heavier side, might be turned off by the pop-leaning sound?

Not at all. I don't mind that - I would much rather have a different audience. It gives me a chance to reach different crowds in different ways. I live for that, but I do have cult fans that support me no matter what. They just like the art and I love that. 

Does the EP represent the true Tyler Carter?

You know that's a great question because in some ways, yes, I believe so. In no way is it a fake me...but I think that I still haven't truly discovered the deeper Tyler Carter and I guess that mystery is yet to be solved. I think I will need much more studio time and alone time to figure that out. 




What specific music influences went into it?

I am a huge Brandy fan, which also graduates into me being a huge Tori Kelly fan. I think I've learned a lot about my voice by listening and studying her style. I also love Ed Sheeran and Craig David. Visually and creatively I almost was going for a David Bowie-esque phase.

The EP has been featured on lists of music to look out for in 2015 - do you feel pressured by this?

I don't feel pressured by expectations - I feel challenged in a positive way. Sometimes I feel like under-estimated so when these blogs and critics challenge me with their enthusiastic reviews, it's super inspirational. I get a fire going like I can't wait to get back to my studio. 

Are there any plans to take this further and make a full album?

Absolutely. Why not? I have a single currently in the works called 'Forget You' that's pretty special to me. I hope to do a visual for that and just take it one step at a time.

Will Issues always take priority or do you feel your solo work is equally matched in terms of importance?

Demand takes priority I believe. But my band is my brain child. We have worked so hard together to get here and my solo career wouldn't have a kick start if it wasn't for the magic Issues and I have created together. So that is always going to be in demand.

You recently tweeted that ‘fans are everything’. Have there been times when your fans have helped to bring you through a dark time?

Oh yeah. I've been in some pretty rough areas of life figuring out who I am and what my purpose is. Fans always help me get out of my head. They always send love and encouragement when I feel like a piece of sh*t. Plus when I find myself unhappy on tour, I just got to keep my head up until I get to the stage - they always make me feel amazing, that's my comfort zone.

Tyler Carter's EP 'Leave Your Love' is out now via Rise Records.

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