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Global star James Arthur on his New Year's resolution for 2019

James Arthur has revealed that he wants to "keep growing" in 2019.

The hugely successful English singer-songwriter says that "it's been a year of growth" for him and his resolution for the next 12 months is to continue improving musically.

Arthur said: "What do I want? Loads of money! Nah I'm joking, [I want] to just to keep growing, I feel like it's been a year of growth for me in many ways so I just hope to keep getting better.

"It's been a good year, it's amazing as well and I've only really put out one or two of my own things.

"The album is still to come and there's still some singles of mine to come so I'm excited, it can only get better."

As for his upcoming music, he thinks that his latest tracks are a "good balance" between his raw acoustic style and the "shiny pop music" he made following his rise to fame.

The "You Deserve Better" singer continued: "Probably the best of what I do, it's a good balance between what I used to do before I was on the 'X Factor' and started making shiny pop music and also some shiny pop music as well."

Another goal for Arthur is to have a go at acting, which he's already working towards by taking acting lessons.

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