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Jay-Z’s great Glasto behaviour

Despite being one of the most controversial acts ever booked at Glastonbury, festival organizer Emily Eavis says that rapper Jay-Z was one of the most down-to-earth acts they have ever had.

The hip hop mogul headlined the festival in 2008 and Glastonbury organizers came under heavy criticism for their decision. However, Eavis insists that the choice was the right one.

She said: "Often bands come in with ridiculous requests for passes for their entourage, but Jay-Z only asked for 18. Sometimes you get artists asking for Fiji water or special champagne - but no, none of that. They got totally stuck in. He came with the right attitude. That weekend, Jay-Z and Beyonce needed nothing extra."

She added: "I took a massive risk and broke from the mould by booking Jay-Z in 2008. I'd been involved with helping to book bands for years but that year everyone said, 'What the hell is she doing bringing hip hop to this lovely guitar-based festival? Damn this young upstart woman.'"

Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce is set to headline this year’s festival next weekend.

Check out a clip from the 2008 performance below: