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Jennifer Hudson gives sound advice to possible The Voice hopefuls

Singer, actress and The Voice UK coach Jennifer Hudson has revealed that TV vocal talent shows offer a unique platform that can be genuinely helpful to aspiring music stars. 

She told Digital Spy that grabbing that kind of opportunity is so important because it's offering you something you can't find elsewhere: "I'm a firm believer in taking advantage of the opportunity you're given, because going into a show like this, you kind of take it for granted."

"You have everything you need - the show is designed where you have a platform to be singing, you have the management of the show that takes care of the talent, you have a PR, you have all those things. So you kind of get used to everyone doing everything for you."

She went onto add that a contestant who immerses themselves within the experience as a whole and learns things from it will have the tools needed to make a career from singing: "I used to look and say, 'Okay, only one of us is going to win this so how do I stay afloat after this, once all of this goes away?' It's a matter of utilising that platform and learning everything you can from the coaches, from the show, from the experience so that you can be able to carry on and get to your dream and, at least for me, that was my incentive even back on the show."

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Watch the coaches of The Voice UK perform 'Under Pressure' together below:

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