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Jennifer Hudson: "I don't hail cabs"

Jennifer Hudson doesn't know how to hail a cab, and once waited for a driver to get out of the car to open the door for her.

After a much-talked about 80-pound weight loss, the stunning star has created her own fashion line for QVC. Hudson posed as a busy Manhattan woman hailing a cab for the clothing brand ads, but admitted waiting on the sidewalk for a taxi is not something she's that familiar with.

She quipped: "I was like 'How do I do this? Do I stand at the front or the back? And then I stood there waiting for him to open the door and I'm like 'Oh, he's not going to get out of the car?'"

Hudson is proud of her clothing line which caters for women of all shapes and sizes. She added to Access Hollywood:

"I have a serious love for clothes. Like no other. I am designing for every girl. I know what it's like to be the plus size girl, and I know how it is now being my 'new self' whatever that's called.

"I want my size 16 to look as good as my size 6."




Watch Jennifer Hudson talk about her fashion line here: