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Jennifer Hudson is a "force of nature"

Jennifer Hudson's voice is a "force of nature" says Clive Davis.

The chief creative officer of Sony Music Entertainment insists he has a way of picking up on talent, explaining it “really [is] something I feel or sense".

Music mogul Davis knew Hudson had an unbelievable talent the first time he came into contact with her.

He told the Chicago Sun Times: “I immediately sensed it with one of your own, from Chicago: Jennifer Hudson. The first time I saw that girl sing, I knew she had something special, something great.

He added: "Jennifer has a voice that is a force of nature. She has the kind of voice and the way of delivering her music that I know she will end up with a long, successful career that will include signature songs that will always be identified with her.”

80-year-old Davis has been in the business for many years, and has revealed his secret to success.

He explained: “It’s all about vigilance. You cannot ever take anything for granted. I always listen to new music. I get a copy of every new record when it comes out and begins to hit the charts. I’m always looking for signs of a breakthrough.

He continued: “To be honest, it’s a case of always having to refresh my ears. Music does change and I have to keep on top of it."




Watch Hudson perform at the Oscars here: