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John Mayer signs with Lady Gaga's ex-manager

John Mayer has signed with Lady Gaga's ex-manager Troy Carter after splitting with his manager Michael McDonald last year. 

Mayer worked with McDonald for more than a decade, before terminating their contract late last year, without giving an official reason. Mayer will now be managed by Carter, the man that helped Lady Gaga break the singer has signed with the man that helped Lady Gaga rise to fame.

Carter met Gaga in 2007 and worked with her up until the release of the most recent album, Artpop. The duo split just days before the album was released due to "creative differences" but Carter is now turning his attention to Mayer.

Carter is the founder, chairman and CEO of Coalition Media Group, the talent management and full-service film and television production company. Carter had his house foreclosed and his car repossessed shortly before picking up Lady Gaga after Def Jam Records dropped her.





Watch John Mayer's 'Where the Light is' Los Angeles concert below: