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John Mayer thinks Taylor Swift's anti-Spotify stance is 'really cool'

John Mayer has spoken out in praise of Taylor Swift's decision to back out of Spotify.

The singer removed her back catalogue from the streaming service after the release of her new album '1989' last year.

It provoked both criticism and praise, but it seems US star Mayer is a fan of the move.

He told MSNBC: "Artists need the person with the loudest voice to speak for them. When you go to the Met Ball, that's great. It's a great way to use your voice and go, 'I'm wearing Valentino,' or you could use your voice to give things.

"Now, some people who are cynical could say, 'You're helping yourself.' But it's trickle down. You're not saying, 'I want this just for me.' I think that's a really cool thing for a musician to do.

''Like two percent of the music industry has 80 percent of all the media about it. There's like four people who get all the press, and if any of those four people say, 'I want to speak for those people who would just never make this a story'.

"The only reason we're talking about Taylor Swift taking Spotify on is because she's Taylor Swift! That's great!"

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