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KSI: "I've definitely progressed when it comes to music"

KSI, who released his debut studio album Dissimulation last month, has admitted that he can't believe how far he's come in the music industry.

The 26-year-old YouTuber said: "I've definitely progressed when it comes to music. And I definitely get embarrassed [about the old music].

"On YouTube, you can see everything about me. You can see where I've started from, all the way to the point where I'm at today. Obviously it's a blessing and a curse.

"With other musicians or artists, a lot of people don't see the previous work that they've done. They only see the best thing they've done and from then on."

KSI feels his fans have been happy to indulge his shortcomings as a musician.

The rapper, who has more than nine million subscribers on YouTube, also hopes his fans are "inspired" by his success since he joined the video-sharing platform in 2009.

KSI told NME magazine: "For me, people have seen the bad, the good and me slowly improving over time.

"I do amazing stuff and people go, 'but look at all this trash!' But it shows that I'm human.

"I think that's what helps with a lot of my fanbase. They can relate to it more because they go, 'Oh, wow, he really was bad at music. He really didn't know how to make music and now he's at a point where he's really good.'

"I think people look at that and are inspired by it."

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