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Katy B reveals new album plans

British songstress Katy B has revealed she is currently "mixing and mastering" tracks for her upcoming album.

The 23-year-old star is working on the follow-up to her successful 2011 debut album 'On a Mission'.

Katy revealed the record is "95% complete with two weeks left of studio time" and is looking forward to her fans hearing her new material.

She revealed to Billboard: "Everything is great. I've basically got some great tracks and I think I'll just keep writing until the end.  A lot of stuff is getting mixed and mastered at the moment, so you just never know when you can just write something special at the last minute."

Katy also described what fans can expect from the album, adding: "There's a few more songs [that] you can imagine me singing in my bedroom rather than in the middle of a dance floor.

"When I was 18 or 21, it was very much a feeling of freedom. 'I'm free to be exactly who I am. And my parents aren't telling me what time to come home at night!' And I think this album is more focused on love and relationships and reality as well… having to think that you have to go throughout life, [and] sometimes you don't realise you have to fight for your happiness."





Watch her music video for 'Easy Please Me' below: