King Myers Shows You Reality With Forthcoming Show, “Baddies In Tampa”


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On September 4th, 2022 during Labor Day weekend, rapper King Myers began organizing and hosting casting calls for “Baddies In Tampa”, a new reality TV show he is producing. King will be choosing 7 women who are between the ages of 21 and 29 to move in a Tampa mansion and must try to co-exist with different personalities, lives, race and sexual orientations and above all they must try to adapt to the frequent changes of moods and behaviors of their roommate. The girls must also follow normal rules of the country when leaving the house to go on dates, personal tasks and/or partying.

During the taping, the girls must endure situations that may divide the house, create havoc to satisfy oneself, book parties and hook ups in clubs, grocery shopping, and they must also juggle everything including their own personal lives. The girls are allowed to contact their families and their personal relationship partners. The girls are also allowed to have frequent visitors to see them. The girls must go through tough situations, such as fights (arguments, spit at, food fights, breaking of personal belongings, and personal attacks), and physical fighting such as physically touching another "baddie" with intentions of hurting that person, which is what each season of girls have to overcome.

The girls are thrown in the house and are there to co-exist and must tolerate everyone in order to "make it” at the end of the season and they accomplish this by staying in the show without being removed due to physical fighting. In some cases, some "baddies" may wish to leave the show due to court, issues at home, thinking that they are better than the others or mostly due to the fact that some could not deal with the tension and stress that some girls will do to them such as bullying and double tagging a "baddie". At the end of the show, some girls will change their ways, which is the key of the show to change the girls "bad behaviors" and turn them into role models by placing 7 girls of the same behavior with different reasons as being "bad" in one house.

A baddie knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. A baddie blazes her own trail and removes obstacles from her path. A Baddie fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty. A baddie believes in jumping first and looking later. People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you. A baddie is you. ”

September 21, 2022 12:45am ET by The Netwerth Agency, Inc.  

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