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Mark Heaney
Drums from the archive Vol 1

During the process of creating/recording music many ideas, grooves and tracks do not get used and
are never released.

This first album contains many cutting room floor ideas, beats and improvisations from different
recording sessions over many years. They show progression of ideas and the development of sound and themes. Most are in their raw low-fi state as recorded and in most cases are unfinished which gives the listener a chance to hear the drums in the moment and with very little if any at all editing.

It is in a way therapeutic to be able to release this work which would never see the light of day and in doing so brings a sense of closure with no need to re-visit the works again, a feeling that they
have not been wasted.

It is always for me about moving forward and leaving the past in the past continuing in the search for
new sounds.


Mark Heaney is a drummer/musical creator from London.
He has toured and recorded with many artists and producers and was
also a member of John Squires Seahorses, The Shining and post punk Icons
Gang of four.
In 2018 he created his solo project Drumscapes, a studio/live project that features his live drums against a backdrop of Heaney is also an in demand composer creating bespoke production music for companies such as De Wolfe, EMI, Extreme and Microsoft.

"A muscular yet madly skilled player. Mindblowing".
(Modern Drummer)

"Mark Heaney is a machine"
(Time Out)

"One of the most Jaw Dropping players in the UK"
(Rhythm Magazine)

"A reflection of our times, both musically and technologically"
(Percussive Arts Society)

"The Bonham-esque type capabilities of Mark Heaney"

"Super Chops and more"

"Groove by the bucketful"
(London Jazz news)

March 30, 2020 10:36am ET by Krucial Management  


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