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Mary Fitzgerald joined LIT Entertainment News today, Thursday, January 21 for an exclusive live interview, in which she spilled the tea and dished the dirt on her Selling Sunset co-stars… and their love lives.

Mary joined hosts Bradford How, Sloane Glass and Ruba Wilson to discuss Chrishell & Keo, Jason & Katie, and whether she’d rather fight Christine or Davina(!)

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On Davina leaving the Oppenheim Group:
It's always nice not to have drama in the office. I don't know why Davina left. I think she had some sort of an opportunity with another brokerage [where] they were going to give her a salary and not just work on commission, so if I understand it correctly that's why she left, she just wanted a salary instead. You really have to work hard to make enough commission to live well, so I don't know what she was doing, but she didn't sell that $75 million home. I don't know what else she had going on but obviously it wasn’t enough for her.

On the $75 million home:
It's still an off-market property. It's never sold. It’s just way overpriced -- it's only worth half of what he was asking. It was just ridiculous.

On Chrishell and Keo:
I have met him, he's awesome. I adore him. I told him he's got to get my blessing and treat her very well, because I am going to be very protective of her after what happened with Justin. But he's just incredible and treats her like a queen. He's just head over heels and so is she. So I'm super super happy for them.

On Jason and Katie:
I'm so protective of [Jason], and he told me he wanted me to meet this girl he's crazy about, and at first I was like, hmm really? But I’ve got to say, Jason does have really good taste when he actually decides to settle down. I love Katie, she's awesome. Unfortunately they're no longer together. His relationships are always very short lived. But she's amazing and she and I are good friends. She and I’ve hung out together before.

Jason’s exes are having a girls night!
Actually Nicole, who married Romain and I, is Jason's other ex-girlfriend. She and I are best friends, and she works for the Oppenheim Group, and she, Katie and I are all going to do girls night! I know, we’re crazy.

Would you rather…
Work with Jason or Brett?
Keep Romain’s body or face?
Oh, that's a tough one. Face!
Appear on The Real Housewives or The Bachelorette?
They're both so drama-filled. Bachelorette, I guess?
Fight Christine or Davina?
[exhales deeply] I guess Davina. Yeah, Davina because Christine goes like, super cray cray.

On her relationship with Christine:
I mean, we're okay, we're better than we were. We don't really talk too much, but we had a conversation and tried to work things out after filming stopped. The conversation went well, but we still just don't talk. She hasn't been in the office and I think we both just have our own lives going on and we just haven't seen each other, especially in covid lockdown.

On the next season of Selling Sunset and the new OC office:
I don't know how much they're going to show the OC office, just because it is Selling Sunset so it's like, the Hollywood Hills. But who knows? I think people would like to see other areas and what we're doing and how we're expanding out there, so I'm sure it's going to be on a little bit. Heather would probably work from down there quite a bit just because she lives in the OC now. But of course we love Heather and she would be back up at the LA office too.

If you plan to report on this interview I kindly ask that you include a credit: In an interview with LIT Entertainment News.


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