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Lauren Jauregui: 'Being your fearless self is a form of resistance'

Lauren Jauregui recently spoke on the premiere episode of The Grind with Armani called 'The Real Motive of Lauren Jauregui' (see below), where she addressed how Donald Trump coming into office has impacted upon her work.

Jauregui said: 'It's not just Trump, it's the system that has been at play that allowed him to be a president.

'His campaign, that time of turmoil sparked alot within me. I was always passionate about the world and fixing it but really seeing things come to fruition made me feel like we need things now. I need to start talking about it now because I have a platform.

The 21-year-old continued that 'being her fearless self is a form of resistance'.

She added: 'We all need to be conforming and doing what everyone else is doing in order for these systems to go properly. But if you really listen to your heart and your calling and you get in touch with yourself and who that is and what really makes you happy, then you'll already make a difference.

'That, to me, is the most special thing we can do as artists, as people in this world because you don't have to have a platform to be able to influence people like that.

'The only way we can shift the paradigm of the way we view each other and the world is by being there for each other... is by helping each other get there.

'No one person can do anything alone, getting through life issues. You need people who have life experiences. You need people who will help you grow. I know we're going to shift this world. I can feel it happening already.


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