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Lauren Jauregui Delivers Emotively Empowering Speech At 2019 Women's March

Lauren Jauregui delivered a powerful and emotive speech before her live performance at the 2019 Women's March in Los Angeles yesterday (January 19).

Taking to the stage, the articulate 22-year-old spoke to the rally of thousands, saying:

"I want you to close your eyes and envision the strongest version of yourself. What are they wearing? Do they have on armor? Are they armed? Do they have superpowers? Are they beautiful? What does that mean to you? Are they tangible?

"For some of us this self is the self we embody every day. We're fearless and know our strength. For some of us this powerful self is nothing but a notion hidden under the fear of being our complete selves. For some of us this power has been taken away. Too much systematic oppression, disappointment and pain.

"I learned very young that to be a woman in this world meant that you have to have very thick skin, especially if you want to do it in front of people starting at 16!

"You had to be willing to accept that your existence is a paradox and that people always have a say about the way that you are.

"A strong woman is characterized by her capacity to still see her divinity after enduring all sorts of emotional and physical abuse from a world that refuses to see her power.

"A strong woman deserves to be characterized by her willingness to continue to survive through all adversity. Her ability to move past every obstacle thrown in her way, every 'no', every smirk, every dismissal, every questioning, everybody asking her for hers.

"She should be honored for the grace she exhibits in the face of chaos when everything falls on her shoulders and she has to explain, once again, why she's qualified and equipped to handle it. 

"She should be praised for her perserverance, for the centuries she stood at the forefront of innovation and revolution, with no chapter in a history book to commemorate.

"We're brought into this world with an empathy bestowed upon us. Young girls blossoming into our mature bodies before we are even taught how to understand them. We're expected to respect it by what they deem respectable.

"We are told to have a strength that is digestable, an ambition that is gentle, a warm smile that is delectable but I don't want to be devoured anymore."

The talented star and activist, who has chosen to use her platform to raise awareness for various important issues including; human rights, education, criminal justice, election voting, immigration, gun violence and reform, harassment, and other social issues, finished her speech by asking the audience to continue to embrace their power. She added:

"The divine feminine in each of us is burning to be embraced and bring balance... burning for recognition, burning for you to listen to her.

"Most of us here today can see that truth. We speak it. We're aligned with it because we're here. I ask you to continue to do so, and to remind yourself of your power every chance you get. Remind your sister, your mother, cousin, friend, co-worker, partner, whoever.

"Remind them of their strength and what we can do together. Thank you."

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