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LeAnn Rimes: 'Online bullying needs to stop, people hide behind anonymity'

'Can't Fight The Moonlight' songstress LeAnn Rimes has admitted that she needed 'Tweehab' after being a victim of cyber bullying last year.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Tonight, the hitmaker explained that it's tough to be verbally abused and it had a huge effect on her:

"It's absolutely insane. Online bullying has to stop. Just because someone can sit behind a computer screen and have a different name and hide themselves, they feel like they can do anything to anyone."

An anonymous Twitter user spent part of 2012 branding her a "homewrecker", in reference to her affair with now husband Eddie Cibrian, and she added:

"The question for me is, 'Why is this affecting me so much?' That's why I needed to - I needed to take care of that for me. That wasn't what sent me into - what was it, 'tweehab', I think is what I've been told I went into. I don't think they have a tweehab yet, but when they do..."

Rimes also spoke about her time in rehab, confessing that she needed to take time out to focus on the issues she was dealing with:

"It's hard to explain, and I'm not asking for anyone's sympathy. It's as simple and as complicated as, 'I need to learn how to deal with myself, with the world'. Because everyone's always looking in and I needed to figure out how to deal with it. Stress and anxiety is exactly what I was going through."





Watch part of her interview with Entertainment Tonight here: